Frequently Asked Questions

What type of payments do you accept?
We accept  Perfect Money, Bitcoin and Bank Transfer.
If you prefer to deposit via Bank Transfer (Minimum deposit is 10,000 USD.) Please contact us for details and procedure. Your account will be credited as soon as we receive the payment.


What is Perfect Money and how can I use it ?
Perfect Money ( is an instant online payment gateway offering a multitude of Internet money transfer and e-commerce payment systems with the additional advantages of secured and instant online money transfer. Using the Perfect Money system, the customer has a convenient and easy-to-use tool to make person-to-person and person-to-bank payments.
Please check here for the detail information in case you don't have a Perfect Money account

How can I open an account and invest money?
To be able to start investing, need to open an account at This is a very convenient and safe payment system. In addition, it has a user-friendly interface.


How can I fund my Perfect Money account?
You can fund your Perfect Money account by Bank Wire Transfer, Cash Deposit, Credit Card, Western Union, PayPal and other payment methods. Please check Perfect Money Exchangers for more information.


How can I become your new client?
To become our client, simply go to the the Investment page  and follow the screen directions. Once you have made your first deposit, then you will become one of our official members.


How can I buy and sell  Bitcoin?
There are exchanger where you can buy and sell Bitcoins. please visit  for a list of major exchangers.


How long does it take for my deposit to be confirmed/approved?
Your deposit will be added to our database and confirmed/approved once after you make the payment.


What does 100% insured principal investments mean?
This mean that your initial investment (principal) is insured and no matter what happens you will never lose your principal investment.


Can I make multiple investments with your company?
Yes, you may invest as often as you like and with as many accounts as you like. We have no restrictions on how many times you can invest.


Can I transfer funds directly into your Perfect Money account?
Yes. To make a direct deposit, please send payment directly to our Perfect Money account U5075864. After you have made a transfer, please send us a notification containing your Perfect Money account number and transaction batch number.

Where do you pay my profits ?
Your profits shall be paid directly into the Perfect Money account you invested from.


May I open several accounts with Perfect Money Investments?
Yes, you may open as many accounts as you like.


Are there any hidden taxes, administrative fees or other costs ?
No, we charge no administrative fees or any other kind of taxes/fees.  

How long does it take for my deposit to be added to my account?
Your account will be updated as fast, as you deposit.

Does a daily profit paid directly to my e-currency account?
Yes, your daily profit will be sent directly to your e-currency account.

How do you calculate the interest on my account?
Depending on each plan. Interest on your account is acquired Daily and credited to your available balance at the end of each day.

How can I check my account balances?
You can access the account information 24 hours, seven days a week over the Internet.

How secure are the member's private data such as name and amount invested?
Security and complete privacy of clients' data are among the main objectives of our program. We would never pass or disclose any private information to any third parties, except when requested by law enforcement agents. We took every possible technological precaution to protect clients' accounts data from possible breaches.

Do you participate in any rating websites?
Under the auspices of program promotion to general public we utilize various legal advertisement techniques, including link exchange with investment programs rating services.

How can users contact Capital Management Groups in case they have account related or general questions?
The most time efficient way to contact us is to the use of "Contact Us" form, which can be found on our website. However, we ask everyone to review our website content in full, because many questions have answers already published.

Who can participate in the program and can I do so without opening the account?
Program participation is open to any individual 18 years or older, with Internet access, who has accepted Capital Management Groups terms of service. In order to participate in our program, everyone is required to create the account. We fully rely on user accounts data when planning and estimating required by the program fund transfers.

Can I make additional deposits and can I maintain two or more accounts in your program?
 In consideration of the need for most users to allocate their investments on regular basis, our system allows multiple deposits from within one account. For this reason, there is simply no need to have multiple accounts for one person. However, in case if the same household members are interested in maintaining separate accounts, they may do so, but every such account cannot be a referral of another.

How much can Capital Management Groups investment program participants earn and how long are the investment terms?
We offer the non-expiring investment plans and earnings are dependent on the amounts invested. Please refer to the "Investment Products" section for additional details and to learn more about our profit allocation structure.

What actions do you take to protect user funds from losses?
We have implemented unique "Funds Protection and Insurance" feature within the program. Every successful trading day, we allocate at least 15% of profits to the special "Retainer" fund, which is only drawn on less than successful trading days, to ensure that our users are getting paid at all times, throughout their participation term.

Can I withdraw my principal amount?
 Yes you can, however there are early contract termination fees.

Do you offer digital currency exchange services?
Such service is not primary feature of Capital Management Groups, however, per funds availability and liquidity ratio, we may at times offer such services. If you are interested receiving earnings using other method that you used to make the original deposit, please inquire in advance.


What days do you pay?
We pay on business days. Please note that we are paying profits from Tuesday to Saturday. Thus, the profits resulting from trading on Monday will be distributed on Tuesday.

Can I compound my earnings?
Yes you can. The compounding rate can be set at the time of deposit or later. Please use corresponding link from within your account area.

I have friends and family members who might be interested in your program participation. Do you offer any incentives for sponsorship efforts to current members?
Yes we do. We offer complete affiliate program where any user may use any legal means to advertise our program using referral links and image banners. Our affiliate program pays up to 10% on deposits of referred members. Affiliate materials can be found in the referral program page.




  • Referral Program
  • When you refer an investor to our website, you will receive up to 15% commission from your referral's investment fund into your account. Commissions are paid immediately into your account as soon as your referral make a deposit.
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10 Reasons To Choose Us

  • High rate of return
  • No taxes are applicable (no matter if under which plan you are investing)
  • Potential for higher returns based on market performance
  • Freedom to move funds between portfolios as investment objectives change
  • Guaranteed death benefit if annuity holder dies during the period while money is accumulating
  • Over 34,000 investors world-wide have already joined us.
  • No start-up fees or charges
  • Lifetime income
  • Assistance from professional financial consultants
  • Special conditions in case more than 200 000 USD investments